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Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Cardinals Got It Right

All everyone is talking about this week in the NFL is domestic violence and not football.  The talk has become even more intense here in Arizona since the news of running back Jonathan Dwyer being arrested for domestic violence yesterday.  More details have emerged that don't paint a pretty picture of Dwyer.  This now put the Arizona Cardinals at the center of the NFL's domestic violence issue.  It left everyone wandering how the Cardinals would respond.

The Arizona Cardinals responded quickly, deactivating Jonathan Dwyer within hours of his arrest.  This morning they placed Dwyer on the non-football injury list.  According to head coach Bruce Arians, who held a special media session which is normally held by coordinators on Thursdays, Dwyer will not be apart of the team until he is completely exonerated.  The list the Cardinals put Dwyer on gives them the option to decide not to pay him.  For now the Cardinals will still pay him, but its nice to have the option available.

The Cardinals sent a message to the rest of the NFL in dealing with this case.  The message "We are not going to put up with domestic violence".  They sent this message by reacting so quickly after the arrest.  They also released another running back, Chris Rainey, who has a history of domestic violence.  The ironic part of that story is when Arians was decided whether or not to sign him a few weeks ago to the practice squad it was Jonathan Dwyer who put in a good word for him.  By cutting Rainey the Cardinals let it be known that they are not going to stand for any domestic violence by it's team members.  Perhaps they should have a few words with commissioner Goodell.

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